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We are on the lookout for qualified social workers to support our work voluntarily by conducting assessments of children, young people and their families.

Assessments can sometimes be the one thing that makes a difference in the outcome for children and young people we work with. We experience very high demand for assessment work but unfortunately, we often do not have the capacity to take them all. Our assessments are often for immigration purposes. Some examples of assessments we have carried out are:

  • Impact of removal to another country on a child via the family returns process. 
  • Documenting the integration and family life of a child to submit with family life applications. 
  • Assessing children's needs, wishes and outcomes in the context of parental deportation. 
  • Assessments to provide evidence for change of conditions applications (lifting the NRPF restriction)
  • Child in Need assessments in cases of destitution where Local Authorities are refusing to provide support to families.

We only take assessment work at present where there is no legal aid available for families. In cases where there is legal aid available to pay for assessments, we will signpost. We believe that everyone should have access to the best possible evidence and chance and that this should not be dictated by the availability of legal aid.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for qualified social workers, preferably with experience working with children, young people and their families. We are also keen to have input from mental health social workers. We want practitioners who are passionate about rights and the voice of the child and are able to bring through the child's wishes and voice into their assessments. We are looking for social workers that share our values.

If you have experience working with families with No Recourse to Public Funds or working in the area of migrant rights, great! If not, then no problem, we can support you to understand the complexities of immigration assessments and will provide full advice, guidance and supervision. We are constantly updating and developing our own practice guidance in relation to this and assess children's needs under the Working Together framework. 

The majority of our work is in London but we do receive requests in other areas of the country. We are particularly interested in hearing from people in London and the South East. You will need access to a computer and microsoft office programs. 

This role is subject to a satisfactory enhanced DBS check. 

What you will do

You will volunteer for us conducting assessments of children, young people and their families. We receive instructions from other agencies and legal representatives and these assessments are usually relating to immigration matters. We understand that you will likely have a full time job and countless other commitments, therefore we will be careful to understand what you can commit to and match you with assessments that work for you. Our current volunteers do one at a time and space them out according to their commitments. 

You will visit children, young people and their families at home, in the community or at one of our outreach sessions. You will collect and gather information and produce an assessment which will be used for some of the purposes we talked about above. We find that for a straightforward assessment, most visit the family two or three times.

Each family we allocate to a volunteer will have a keyworker from our practice team who will co-ordinate the assessment, provide you with advice, guidance and supervision, particularly around the specialist aspects and manage liaison with other agencies and legal representatives. The keyworker will carry out agency checks with schools and other agencies on your behalf for inclusion in your assessment. 

We pay travel expenses and mileage for volunteers completing assessments for us.

Want to talk more?

Well if you have read this far, we hope that you are interested in volunteering for us. Fill in the form below to register your interest or give us a call on 01865 528 658 to speak to one of the team about volunteering with us.

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