We need your help - Support our work in France

As a small non profit our resources are scarce. In the past few months we have supported young people and families in both France and the UK, including working with those in France to assist them in finding safety and permanence and supporting them in their transition to a new country. We want to increase the support we give. 

But we need your help

All the money donated to this appeal will go directly to supporting our French work. It will help us to fund trips and increase the resources and number of children and families we can support. 

You can support us via paypal, debit or credit card using the secure form here.

What your money will support

A recent example of our work is a young teenager from Africa, who made the dangerous journey to Europe last year. We met him in an accommodation centre shortly after the demolition of the Calais camp. His journey to Europe took nearly six months involving traffickers and deadly journeys across desert and sea. His wish was to be safe and to be able to get an education. He had only one surviving family left, in the United Kingdom. All his other family had been killed or imprisoned in his home country.

He had a best interests assessment completed by one of our volunteers and was given a caseworker who kept in touch with him throughout his time in France, offering social support, advocacy and guidance. This meant this child remained safer and had a trusted person he was able to build a relationship with. Weekly phone calls often involved reading and building English skills, providing him with someone stable who would call without fail. Our casework meant we also advocated for him with regards to his asylum application. 

He was transferred to the United Kingdom to be reunited with his only surviving family member. His same caseworker continues to support him in the UK settle in. We have worked on issues such as housing, education, learning english, settling into life in the UK, building relationships and networks of support. He wants to go on to gain qualifications and work, something we will work with him to achieve. 

All the money raised through this pledge will allow us to reach children in Calais, Paris and those remaining in centres who currently have no support. It will allow us to identify those that would benefit from assessment and advocate for them. It will also allow us to build relationships with local aid organisations, build referral networks and befriend those that need support. It will allow us to continue to provide keywork and casework to children who have a legal recourse to come to the United Kingdom. We will also support young people we encounter who may not have a legal route to sanctuary in the UK. We can support them by linking them in with legal advice, information and guidance into making the best choice for them in finding safety and permanence. We will assign a key worker to these young people also, so they receive regular contact from us. 

Right now, there are hundreds of children returning to Calais and leaving their centres, with many more in Paris and in other camps in France. Please help us to support them.