New guide for families approaching local authorities for section 17 support. Download now available

We have been working in partnership with Hackney Migrant Centre, Project 17, Akwaaba, NELMA and the Migrant Rights Network to co-produce a comprehensive guide to accessing section 17 support with families who have accessed the support themselves.

The guide is hosted and funded by Hackney Migrant Centre.

The guide contains information, advice and guidance gathered from those who have experience of seeking this kind of support. The guide covers an explanation of section 17 support, the child in need assessment, what support might look like, what happens if support is refused and a helpful evidence checklist. The guide also contains signposting to partner drop-in’s and immigration advice sources.

A limited number of printed copies will be available at drop in’s and advice centres.

The booklet can be downloaded as a PDF here.

All of us here at Together with Migrant Children would like to thank the families that took part in the production of this fantastic resources for people approaching local authorities for support.

Please note that this guide is intended to support in understanding the process of approaching for support, information about what it involves and what to expect. It should not replace specialist advice. You can contact us for advice, or attend one of the services listed in the booklet.