Migrant Family Action is now Together with Migrant Children

We have some exciting news! Hopefully if you already work with us, have donated to us or have shown an interest in our work you have already received an email about this. 

When we started this project in late 2016 (wow, we can't believe it was this long ago!) we have a general idea of what this project should look like, what we would be doing and we needed a name - Migrant Family Action was the result. 

As we have changed and shaped what we do, including making the difficult decision to stop working abroad and focusing our efforts in the UK - Our identity has increasingly felt like it doesn't fit. For instance, the young people we work with who joined us in making this decision told us that they wanted something more child friendly.

Our projects that are particularly of value to our referrers include the more therapeutic / supportive and play based activities that we run - such as our summer programme and intensive family support. Activities which were not really commensurate with our old identity. 

Our new identity, Together with Migrant Children was chosen in collaboration with children and young people that we work with, reflecting what they feel the project means to them. What we do will not change. What we look like, including our logo, website and name will all be changed in the coming weeks. 

What you need to know

- Our domain has been changed to togethermigrantchildren.org.uk - this is where emails and our website will live from now on. If you email our old addresses they will still work for a few months whilst we make our full transition. 

- We will not be changing what we do, or how we do it.  

- We will be slowly updating the website and other channels to be consistent with the new name and identity. We will be working to improve our website, in particular making a section for young people and making it more accessible to everyone. 

Thanks to everyone with your support for this project so far. It has been overwhelming. 

Nick, Jane and the whole team at Together with Migrant Children.

France, UKNick Watts