Summer activities for destitute migrant families

The summer holidays are upon us. For a lot of children, this is a time of fun, play, holiday's and activities. For many, however, the holiday's are not a fun time. 

For the families we work with, this is the reality. Many of them destitute and oppressed as a result of their immigration status. For many of the children, they struggle to access opportunities for fun, play and education during the summer break. Many of these families live in accommodation too small or unsafe, the toxic combination of this and a lack of resources often assigning many of the children we work with to abject poverty. For the summer with no school, there is no break from the often harsh reality of their lives. 

Our practitioners in their work with families provide some 1-on-1 respite for children, provide them with resources for the home and so on. We would like to take it one step further this summer and raise just £600 which we will use to help fund a programme of activities for the children we work with.

At the heart of it, we will do a trip to the zoo for the children we work with. During his visits in the past two week, our co-director Nick has been talking to some children who all would like to do something with animals this year. Our idea will be to bring our families together, allowing the children to meet other children in a similar situation and have a fun day at the zoo with a picnic and games. The funding will also mean we can extend the amount of 1-on-1 work we do with children and provide them with more opportunities to create great memories in the summer break to take back to school. 

I don’t like September, when they ask you what you did for summer. I get embarrassed and upset that I didn’t do anything.

This was really apparent when one child this week commented to Nick that what he didn't like about September was everyone asking what they had done the summer, when he knew that he wouldn't be able to do anything - He feels embarrassed and upset hearing about the opportunities his peers had. 

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Nick, Di and the whole team at Migrant Family Action