#Stopsharing NHS patient data - Enforcement has no place in healthcare

Our friends at Doctors Without Borders UK have started a petition and campaign to resist the sharing of information between the NHS and the Home Office in the name of immigration enforcement. 

The practice, which was created as the result of a Memorandum of Understanding between the NHS and the Home Office, allows the Home Office to request the information of people in order track them down for the purposes of immigration enforcement. In 2016, the Home Office made over 8,000 requests of data from the NHS leading to over 5,000 people being traced. 

This is having a huge effect on the health of people, leaving many undocumented migrants terrified of seeking medical support. This includes people with life limiting or serious illness, children and pregnant women. 

As people in an Ally caring profession, it is troubling to see that in a setting where confidentiality and privacy is paramount, data is not safe and secure. It's a practice that furthers the hostile environment against migrants, at the cost of the health of humans. We believe policies like this need to be challenged, so migrants in the United Kingdom can have their fundamental needs and rights not just recognised, but met. 

Please sign the petition and show your support.