The Dubs amendment fails, failing vulnerable children

The dubs vote

The vote in the Commons to restart the Dubs Scheme has been defeated by the Government. This vote threatens the safety and human rights of children right across Europe who have been displaced as a result of political instability, conflict and war. 

The amendment, aimed at revealing the capacity of Local Authorities to take child refugees, part of the Children and Social Work Bill, was what was voted down. This would have required Local Authorities to declare capacity annually for child refugees, in an effort to make the process more transparent and create clear targets to reach with respect to child refugees.

The UK Government consistently rely on their stock phrase, that we are "proud of our record on refugees". It is easy to say that we can be proud of our record with respect to the Kindertransport and other major displacements. It is shameful to say that we can be proud of blocking attempts to bring in a measured and realistic way of realising capacity for currently displaced refugee children.

By removing or obstructing legal routes to sanctuary, the door is left wide open to traffickers, exploitation and abuse of these already vulnerable children. It pushes children out of safe alternative accommodation and back onto the streets.

One of the young people we support has recently left the centre he resides in. He has made the journey back to Calais where the conditions are harsh, food is scarce and the weather is placing extreme strain on these children. He told us

It is too hard here, but I must reach the UK. Why do they treat us like this, like animals.