The UK have abandoned Dubs promise

It has been widely reported now that the UK Government have effectively backtracked on the promise they made to unaccompanied children not just in France, but far and wide throughout Europe. It is a travesty that we find ourselves discussing this yet again, after we have only managed to accommodate 350 young people, out of the 3,000 we committed to take. 

The Government is attributing this to Local Authorities and placements that they will accept, but is failing to recognise the wider issues of children's social care funding, placement availability and the initial commitment we made, which was not an arbitrary number, but one thought out and released on capacity. 

It is constantly mentioned by our politicians that we should be proud of our 'record on refugees'. We would argue not, in a world where we are morally able to turn our back on many unaccompanied, vulnerable children and young people. We made a commitment and a promise, which is ethically reprehensible to go back on. 

When the majority of countries taking in refugees are among the most economically and socially deprived, it is horrifying that wealthy countries, such as the United Kingdom, fail to see their responsibilities and honour their words and policy that they put forward. 

Please sign the Citizen's UK petition to challenge the government. They are, by far, the best organisation to take such a challenge forward.