Update from Jane and Nick 13/02/2017

We're getting there!

Nick and Jane have been busy getting the charity side up to speed which will ensure the smooth running of the day to day business. More importantly our case management is on the way, which will ensure that we are able to give those we support our best. Our management committee is also nearly ready to hold it's first meeting.

Planned for this week is a visit to some of the NGOs in Calais to have discussions around joint working, especially in light of the numbers of children both returning and arriving in Calais is increasing again. Sadly the French police turned down a request for a central food distribution point denying the children the right to one of the most basic needs, to have food. 

Some exciting news is that there has been some press interest in MFA and Nick and Jane are meeting with with them next week in London. On the same day, we are meeting two exciting UK charities to discuss joint opportunities.

Support challenges - From Calais to London

We're continuing to support young people still stranded in France and those in the United Kingdom who were reunified with their families. There is still alot of adversity facing these young people:

  • In the UK oppressive housing legislation means that a young person we are working with is sleeping on the floor of a living room in a shared house, with no bed of his own. His own and his uncle's immigration status taking precedence over safety and security. We are providing comprehensive assessment to demonstrate need, advocacy and practical support in finding them a new home. The young person will be starting English classes soon, eager to settle into life in the UK. 
  • In France, one young teenager with a clear and proven family link in the United Kingdom is still stranded and has recently been subject of court proceedings as a result of his situation in France. We continue to advocate for him and will be presenting his case to the Minister for Immigration while we try to get the attention of the Home Office. Nick continues to support him both practically and emotionally.

Two actions you can take today 

1. Pledge us your support

2. Sign the Citizen's UK petition opposing the Dubs shutdown.