Our hardship fund provides short-term, emergency support to migrant children and young people experiencing destitution. Please help us so we can ensure no child we work with sleeps on the streets or goes without a meal.

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We use our hardship fund when we have run out of options for a family, whilst working on longer term resolution, challenges to refusals to provide support or to meet very short term need whilst our practice team deal with pending difficulties. 

Before we use our hardship fund, we look at other short term ways of supporting a family, including food banks and other resources. However, when a family we are working with is street homeless and refused support, there are no sustainable accommodation options open to them. Each year many families that we meet report having been street homeless, sleeping in hospital waiting rooms, police stations and on night buses.

We will always work to resolve the longer term causes before resorting to using our hardship fund, but sometimes we are left with no other options.


How we have used our hardship fund

  • To provide hotel accommodation for one or two nights whilst undertaking advocacy and challenge to refusals to assess families for emergency support, or refusals to provide that support following an assessment.

  • To buy goods to meet the basic needs of children and young people whilst we work on their longer term plan.

  • To top-up travel cards so children can continue to attend school during their period of destitution and so the family can attend appointments.

  • To buy formula and nappies and other basic essentials for babies.

We sometimes use our hardship fund in conjunction with partner agencies that we work with to support with accommodation and subsistence when they are working with that agency on longer term solutions.